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Why, what a monstrous fellow art thou, thus to rail
on one that is neither known of thee nor knows thee!
Oswald (King Lear, Act II scene ii)
Into what dangers would you lead me, Cassius,
That you would have me seek into myself
For that which is not in me?
Brutus (Julius Caesar, Act I scene ii)

Much Ado About Nothing, Act III scene iv

  • Hero: Why how now? do you speak in the sick tune?
  • Beatrice: I am out of all other tune, methinks.

Stars To Study Shakespeare In New TV Show | Contactmusic.com


Coming soon to TV: Morgan Freeman, Kim Cattrall, Hugh Bonneville, David Harewood, Christopher Plummer, and Joseph Fiennes have signed up to study the works of Shakespeare in a new documentary series, My Shakespeare.

O, but they say the tongues of dying men
Enforce attention like deep harmony:
Where words are scarce, they are seldom spent in vain,
For they breathe truth that breathe their words in pain.
Gaunt (Richard II, Act II scene i)

Project Shakespeare - Hamlet [Vlog]

Follow the entire journey of Project Shakespeare as we cut and re-block our Hamlet to bring it overseas and perform at the Royal Shakespeare Company. See the company evolve, and watch us tread the boards of the RSC’s stage.

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The Beatles celebrate Shakespeare’s 400th birthday in April 1964


The Beatles celebrate Shakespeare’s 400th birthday in April 1964

I never thought it possible or likely;
But see, while idly I stood looking on,
I found the effect of love in idleness.
Lucentio (The Taming of the Shrew, Act I scene i)
Can you post a quote from The Taming of the Shrew?? 😊
asked by Anonymous

Would love to! I’ll be sure to make tomorrow’s quote a Taming of the Shrew one. 

O melancholy!
Who ever yet could sound thy bottom? find
The ooze, to show what coast thy sluggish crare
Might easiliest harbour in? Thou blessed thing!
Jove knows what man thou mightst have made; but I,
Thou diedst, a most rare boy, of melancholy.
Belarius (Cymbeline, Act IV scene ii)